We’ve all been there. Calling out our children’s names and asking for something to be done then, waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Children’s selective hearing is a frustrating behaviour all parents face, and while it’s a common trait, it’s important parents don’t overlook it and understand how to put an end to it, and quickly.

How do you get your child to listen?

Children have a thing for ignoring requests, particularly if it’s something they don’t want to do.

If you ask your child to do something and they consistently ignore you, and you don’t follow through with consequences, you are actually teaching them to ignore you.

Similarly, parents that respond with yelling, nagging and bribing, will in the long run cause their child to continue ignoring, as they will think it is negative behaviour that gets attention.

So how do you get your children to listen? These useful strategies will effectively get your children to pay attention and take action the first time you ask.

Parents need to give clear instructions, that have commitment and imply that action is required.