Individual counselling for children, adolescents, parents and families

I started my clinical work with the sole purpose of helping both children and parents be the best version of themselves

Child Counselling (Child Therapy) & Child Psychologists in Sydney

Workable solutions are possible for the all too common parenting challenges.

We hope to help parents become the best parents they can be navigating a path through the sometimes complex world of modern day parenting.

individual counselling for

Children, Adolescents, Parents and Families

We are committed to supporting families through the difficult challenges they often face, helping children and young people to re-engage with ordinary, everyday childhood tasks and assisting parents in implementing parent-management strategies for themselves and their children. Parenting is different for everyone, and there is no rule book on how to navigate the different dynamics that are at play when you have children. Our passion is to bring out the best in each member of the family, for both the growth of the individual and the family unit. 
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Who We Can Help

We provide individual counselling for children, adolescents, parents and families. Our treatment plans are designed to meet the specific needs of each child, adolescent and/or family member. All treatment is trauma-informed, neurodevelopmentally and attachment sensitive, which targets emotional regulation and distress tolerance. The main goal of treatment is for individuals to be able to tell their stories and make meaning of their experiences without the overwhelming and devastating impact of re-traumatisation, while being able to make meaningful change moving forward. 

Where We Help

Emotional Regulation & Stress Management



Social Support

Social Skills Training

Early Intervention Support

Self Confidence and Esteem

Trauma / Post Traumatic Stress

Eating Disorders

Emergency Personality Disorder

Family Stress Systems

Challenging behaviors such as aggression, violence, adjustment difficulties, rigidity

Separation Anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, avoidance of situations, school refusal

Emotional regulation delays, low mood rigidity, excessive sadness and crying, depression

Attention and learning difficulties, hyperactivity, impulse control, developmental issues associated with dyslexia, auditory processing

Parenting Support – dummy removal, toileting, sibling rivalry, device use, tantrum management

HSC Stress management

Adjustment difficulties – Separation, divorce and grief

Healthy Body image and identity issues

Fostering & Adoption

Working collaboratively with schools to assist with individualised education plans (IEPs) and classroom support

Working with individuals who are neurodivergent (ASD, ADHD, ID etc.) to assist with management and education

Where We Help

How do we work?

It All Starts With You

We choose the treatment method that best suits your personal and family needs. We value your views of your current situation and work closely with you to make change possible. We recognise that you may desire fast results and we aim to assist you to achieve maximum change as quickly as possible.